Poverty, Inequality, Food Security, and Social Protection

Under this core programmes, IDI supports organisation on issues related to the political economy of poverty and inequality. At the same time, it analyses the issues related with food security and social protection mechanisms. A categorised detail is given below:

  1. Poverty and inequality: Analysis of various policy options and programmes to address poverty and inequality.
    • The state of poverty and inequality in Pakistan.
  2. Food security: The state of food security in Pakistan, gender and food security, the food mix in Pakistan;
    • Pakistan stands 107 in the global ranking at the Global Hunger Index 2016 which measured 118 countries.  While 22% population is still undernourished, Pakistan has shown minor improvement in the level of hunger. According to a report by the daily DAWN, On a 0-100 point scale (with 100 being the worst in hunger levels), Pakistan has a score of 33.4, improving only slightly from its score of 35.1 in 2008.
  3. Social protection: Gender and social protection, and comparisons of different social protection programmes.